Féline Ntabangana

Féline is a self-taught abstract expressionist artist, born in Bujumbura, Burundi, from a Rwandan mother and a Burundian father. She grew up in Burundi. Her inspiration came from the stories she has read, childhood memories and endless discussions with her mother. She has always had a curious and artistic imaginary spirit; she began drawing as early as 6 years old. As a child she loved “Imigani,” Burundian and Rwandan tales and legends that her aunts used to tell. In 1993 she settled in Brussels where she began focusing on her art. Painting has been her passion ever since. She moved to New York City in 2008. The city has been a place where she truly can be inspired and express her love for art. Her medium is mainly acrylic on canvas but she has worked with other mediums such as oil. She also took stone and clay sculpture classes at Princeton Art Council. She is the brain of the very first 2018 “Art for Good” in Kigali Rwanda, an art exhibition and live performance for “Inshuti Zacu” a collective fundraiser for disabled children. She has put in place the “Shine Through Art Exhibition” in 2019 in New York with various international artists such as WESLEY RUZIBIZA renowned contemporary art dancer and great violinist FREDERIQUE GNAMAN. The exhibition was held in CHELSEA, NEW YORK CITY and is a mixed painting exhibition and contemporary dance with violin performance.