Floride Mukabageni

Born in 1972, Floride Mukabageni is among the few female artists who went to Ecole d’Art de Nyundo and afterwards, pursued an art career. She was among the women artists chosen to exhibit their artwork at the National Art Gallery (Nyanza-Rwesero) which later became Rwanda Art Museum (2018). Her work titled “Imbabazi/Forgiveness” is under the permanent exhibition “Art for Peace” at the Rwanda Art Museum. Mukabageni enjoyed a successful career at the beginning of the new millennium when her paintings and sculptures were exhibited in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Germany though the few years proved not to be easy for Mukabageni, who is solely raising her two sons and later moved from Rwanda to Uganda looking for better job opportunities. Now Mukabageni is announcing her “come-back” after almost a decade being away from the art scene of the region.