Karekezi Uwacu Martine

Martine is a mother of three. Born in Rwanda on 4 September 1981, she studied business and commerce at K.I.E. Since her young age, she has been asserting her artistic talents. Martine is a poet and a painter but her career as a teacher and her relationship with writers brought profound changes in her ideas and made her an outstanding author of children’s stories. Her pen became the source of beautiful stories, attracting the country’s publishing houses. As a genius writer, her fame quickly shined. Moved by the suffering of young artists and budding writers, in 2017, Martine founded Sankofa Creatives ltd. Her aspirations were to transform her passion into a professional artist at «Indiba Art Gallery» and later partnered with the «Huza Arts Center». She sees her artistic touch blossoming under the mentorship of the artists of the house. Martine currently offers a favorable environment for young artists whose talents she promotes. Sensitive to the needs of others, Martine tries to articulate her responsibilities as a mother, her teaching profession and her artistic qualities, to the profound aspirations of the men and women of her time. She has an optimistic conception of the history of humanity; this is what makes her upbeat and enterprising person.