Muhawenimana Emilienne

Emilienne was born in January 1986 to a loving family of 4 children. Despite her legs being partially paralyzed due to polio, she is upbeat and very driven. Emilienne was only 8 years old when both her parents and two of her siblings were killed during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Her brother later found her in an orphanage in Nyamata and she is now living with her aunt in Kigali. Emilienne loves beauty and dreams of owning a beauty salon. She also loves painting and creating art. From 2015, she has been with the organization “Talking through Art” and has learnt new art skills. On a professional level, she now weaves baskets and is able to support herself financially. Being a quick learner with a positive attitude, the sky is the limit for Emilienne and her dreams. Emilienne is now creating woven masterpieces and her masterpiece “The Beauty of a Rwandan Woman,” depicts how much she loves African hair styles and her dream to become a hairdresser one day.