Neza Shemsa

Neza Shemsa is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Kigali. As a child, she admired and created art sketches in her notebooks but unfortunately with no art schools available in Rwanda; she never had a chance to pursue art in class. It’s later in her life as an adult, that her interest and passion for art grew and she started making art again. In late 2017, Shemsa decided to do art professionally and since then until now, she has worked on many pieces, some commissioned and sold. Her personal style is an expression of feelings and emotions of daily life through portraits of women and landscapes. As a nature lover, landscapes, sea, skylines, birds, flowers, boats, and sailors are all brought to life with harmonious colours and bold compositions; all in a semi abstract technique using acrylics on canvas. She believes that everything one comes across in life is a beautiful piece of art. What she does is to make others see that beauty portrayed through her works. Shemsa invites everyone to see the magic and beauty that this world has to offer.