Odile Uwera

Odile Uwera began using pencil and paper to draw after being introduced to it in nursery school in 2000. She fell in love with it instantly and continued the process throughout her life, leading her to the art community in Rwanda where she observed, learned and experimented with different techniques of making visual art until she landed on Illustration in 2016 and made it her medium. With the influence of the stories she read as a child, Odile is now a children’s books storyteller and a digital artist. Her works are made with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil or ink on paper. She explores subjects around women’s bodies, focusing on morals and cultures women are subjected to fit cultural expectations. Her artworks demonstrate tonal usage of colour palettes, smooth lines, realistic shapes, and bits of nature. She also incorporates symbols from different cultures and histories such as the peacock chair from Asia, the ankh hieroglyph from Egypt and tattoos to express ideas of freedom, dignity and autonomy.